Bring the Stadium Experience to Your Home

The Super Bowl, Olympics, and March Madness; it’s the season for watching epic sports battles. If you cannot be at the event, why not put yourself as close as you can with your top-of-the-line entertainment system? HomeRun Electronics has consultants who are experts at designing an audio/video system that will enhance any home entertainment experience. 


Ultimate Video Experience

Whether you want to watch every game or just one, our experts will customize a solution that will bring your viewing to a new level. We can design a video experience that's tailored to your home. You could have one screen, two, three, or four; we will make sure that you get the best video performance possible. If you’re hosting a watch party, you and your friends will be part of the action.

What’s Video Without Audio?

Sure, you can watch the highest-resolution video imaginable, but to get the full experience you need to have the right audio to go with it. Whether it’s a movie or game, you’ll get a complete theatre experience in your home. Our design team will help you find speakers that rock your room but remain visually discreet. In fact, you may not even see some of the speakersMore than Theatre

More than Theatre

Although the excitement revolves around the theatre and the big game, we can help you incorporate many other electronic features into your home. We’ll design custom solutions for security, background music, home network, central vacuum, even motorized window treatments.

Start Planning Your Home Electronics

Our experts are passionate about enhancing your home electronics experience. Visit our showroom and meet with our design team to start planning. We’ll take you through each step of the process; from consultation and design to installation and instruction.

Call (719) 685-0660 to make an appointment today.

The Secret To Keeping Your New Year’s Resolution

Okay, poll time. How many people actually keep their New Year’s resolutions throughout the year? For some reason, many people have a tough time following through with their resolutions - especially if they're fitness related. Here are a few tips to help you keep track of your health and wellness goals.


Make Your Resolution Realistic

It’s easier to take things in small bits, right? That holds true for your fitness resolutions. Rather than having an unattainable goal, make your resolution real. You won’t be overwhelmed, and you’ll find it more rewarding.

Make Your Resolution Specific

Make your resolution specific and detailed rather than vague. For example, instead of saying, “I’m going to exercise in 2018,” say, “I’m going to exercise three times a week in 2018.”  A clear goal gives you something that’s measurable and makes it easier to meet. Plus, when you’re specific, you’re more likely to hold yourself accountable and keep your New Year’s resolution.

Make a Schedule

Commit to making your resolution a reality by putting it on your calendar and setting a reminder (or reminders). Schedule the days you’re going to work out. If it’s on the schedule the excuse of not having time will disappear and this will lead you to keep your New Year’s resolution throughout the year. We’re always getting reminders about meetings and events, make it so that you remind yourself about your resolution.

Track Your Progress

Don’t just set and forget your resolution. Check in on yourself. Tracking your progress could be very rewarding if you’re making progress if you find your resolution becoming too complicated, make adjustments. Set yourself up for success!

Reward Yourself

When you track your progress and you see improvement, or you’ve met a small goal, reward yourself for doing a good job. Keep this going until you achieve your resolution.

For many its more about the time it takes to get to the gym 20-30 mins each way plus the workout, this usually means people have to schedule 2 hours or more out of their day to workout — which is not realistic for most folks especially those with families. Some people tend to sacrifice their health for time with their families, by bringing the workout home neither your health or your family time will suffer. Denver Home Fitness has the expertise and the equipment to help you meet your goals. Choose from top-tier fitness products featuring treadmills and ellipticals, bikes, home gyms, free weights and more. In addition to equipment, our team is passionate about health and wellness and can guide you to the right equipment for you and your home. Cheers to a happy, healthier 2018! Find our showroom here.

Holiday Home Improvement Shopping Under One Roof

With just a few weeks left in the holiday shopping season, you don’t have time to research the endless web or drive from store to store asking questions about your home improvement gift. Our showroom and experts will help you impress from floor to ceiling with your home improvement gift.

HomeRun Electronics

Looking to give the gift of home technology this Christmas? The experts at HomeRun Electronics can help you design, install, and train you to have the most advanced house in the neighborhood. If you’re planning a new home theatre and want the best audio-visual experience, need to beef up your security system, or put it all together and transition your entire home to smart technology. HomeRun Electronics will help you come up with the perfect holiday solution.

Denver Home Fitness

What better gift than the gift of health and wellness? Plus, it’ll come just as you are trying to work off those extra holiday calories. Denver Home Fitness offers the best collective product line up from the world’s most popular fitness brands. If you’re looking for just one piece of equipment or outfitting your entire home gym, the staff is passionate about helping customers improve their lives through health and fitness. They can help you decide on the best equipment for your needs.

Classy Closets

Imagine cleaning up after the holidays and organizing everything in a brand new custom closet or storage area. Start the new year off with a brand new built-in that creates more space in your home! Classy Closets will help create custom closets, storage units, built-ins and more that will open up valuable space in your home. Their custom design services include everything from entertainment centers to new custom kitchen cabinets. You can schedule an in-home consultation today!

Complete Kitchen

The surprise on the face on someone when a new kitchen is revealed is something special. What a way to celebrate with a modern kitchen design with a plan to build in the new year! Design experts help customize a complete remodel, new cabinetry or countertop in one of the essential rooms in your home. Although kitchen is in the name, the experts at Complete Kitchen can help you remodel your bathroom and closets too.  


Those are just a few of the many businesses under our roof. If you’re looking for a holiday gift that will impress your loved one, why not make it a home improvement? Don’t waste the precious weeks, searching the web for advice or going from store to store trying to find an expert opinion. We have it all under one roof, visit our Colorado Springs showroom today. Learn more about all of our products and services here.