Bring the Stadium Experience to Your Home

The Super Bowl, Olympics, and March Madness; it’s the season for watching epic sports battles. If you cannot be at the event, why not put yourself as close as you can with your top-of-the-line entertainment system? HomeRun Electronics has consultants who are experts at designing an audio/video system that will enhance any home entertainment experience. 


Ultimate Video Experience

Whether you want to watch every game or just one, our experts will customize a solution that will bring your viewing to a new level. We can design a video experience that's tailored to your home. You could have one screen, two, three, or four; we will make sure that you get the best video performance possible. If you’re hosting a watch party, you and your friends will be part of the action.

What’s Video Without Audio?

Sure, you can watch the highest-resolution video imaginable, but to get the full experience you need to have the right audio to go with it. Whether it’s a movie or game, you’ll get a complete theatre experience in your home. Our design team will help you find speakers that rock your room but remain visually discreet. In fact, you may not even see some of the speakersMore than Theatre

More than Theatre

Although the excitement revolves around the theatre and the big game, we can help you incorporate many other electronic features into your home. We’ll design custom solutions for security, background music, home network, central vacuum, even motorized window treatments.

Start Planning Your Home Electronics

Our experts are passionate about enhancing your home electronics experience. Visit our showroom and meet with our design team to start planning. We’ll take you through each step of the process; from consultation and design to installation and instruction.

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