Spring is Here! Refresh Your Home

Spring is finally here, and a new season gives us all the opportunity to open up the windows and let our houses air out from a particularly rough winter. The warm temperatures make it the perfect time to refresh your home with spring cleaning. Here are a few ideas to help you tackle spring cleaning. 

Get Every Nook and Cranny 

spring cleaning3.jpg

It’s easy to spot dirt and dust on main surfaces like your countertops, floors, and tables, but when you’re spring cleaning, you can’t forget about areas that aren’t in plain view. Your ceiling fans, blinds, screens and above your cabinets are incredible dust collectors. 

Declutter and Get Organized

In addition to literally cleaning, the new season gives you the opportunity to declutter and get organized. Whether you go all in with Marie Kondo or just get rid of a few things by donating, you’ll feel refreshed and have more space. Which also brings the chance to redesign a closet or change the way you organize to create more space in your home. 

Up Your Electronics Game

Did you get some new electronics over the winter? Or are you looking to start the new season by upping your electronic game? Spring is a great time to move to smart technology and reduce some of the cord clutter. 

A New Season A Space For Yourself

Do you have a lot of clutter in a room or garage that’s used more for storage rather than a useful space? Spring cleaning means time to declutter! Turn that unused space into a useful fitness room. Spring cleaning isn’t just for your house; it’s a chance to start fresh on yourself. 

Get a Fresh Spring Makeover 

Maybe you got a tax return, or you’ve saved a little cash over the winter, and you’re ready for a home makeover. New hardwood flooring, new kitchen cabinets or countertops will add value and make a huge impression when entertaining guests this spring and summer. 

Get That Curb Appeal into Shape 

spring cleaning2.jpg

It’s the perfect time to get that yard in shape for summer. Make sure to clean up any debris from winter storms, clean gutters, and if you want to take on any DIY landscaping projects, spring is a perfect time. Add a new paver patio, or walkway, garden or other landscape feature. Get it done this spring before the summer heat! 

It’s finally spring! After this winter, we’re all excited for a new season. Take advantage of the beautiful days and take care of your spring cleaning. If you need any help, the experts at Coutura can help! You’ve got everything you need under one roof. Visit The Showroom at Coutura today! Online at www.couturaco.com.