4 Tips For Planning Your Spring Landscape Project

Even though it’s been one of the harshest winters in years, and we can all expect at least one or two more good storms from Mother Nature, it’s never too early to begin thinking about spring and landscaping your yard. Whether you’re thinking about a backyard overhaul or a small upgrade here are a few tips to help you prepare for when spring arrives, and you can begin digging. 

Decide What’s Important to You 

The first step in your landscaping is to think about what you want from your landscape. Do you want a play area for kids, a patio or deck for entertaining or maybe a nice place for a garden? When thinking about your project, think about your yard as a blank canvas and how it can better fit your life. 

Decide on a Budget 

After you’ve thought about your wants and needs, it’s time to think about your budget. How much do you want to spend on your project? Understanding your budget will help you determine what’s possible and what’s not when getting numerous bids from professionals or deciding on materials if you want to attempt the project on your own. 

Sketch Out Your Plan 

Get a better sense of what you want from your yard by mapping it all out. Create a rough blueprint of your new landscape. In this phase of the planning take a look at where you’ll want things according to how your yard is laid out. Does the way the sun hit your yard change where you should put your garden or patio? A sketch will make it easy when it comes time to break ground. 

Find a Landscaper  

If you’re not going to tackle the landscape project on your own, hiring the right professional is crucial. There are many “landscapers” around the area and ready to take on the work. Make sure that you get bids from multiple professionals. Only hire a pro that’s certified and licensed, insured. Take a look at their website for testimonials, as well as other resources like the BBB or Houzz to make sure that they have a good reputation within the community. Ask neighbors or friends who have recently landscaped if they recommend a professional. Also, feel free to reach out to your local landscape materials supplier, C&C Sand and Stone Co. for references.

If you do have a project on the books for this spring, start planning now. Take these tips to improve your landscape in time to enjoy the summer. If you’re looking for inspiration check out the showroom at Coutura, where a professional can help you design the perfect landscape.