Seal out the Cold! Winterize Your Windows and Doors

As the temperatures begin to drop and the snow begins to fly over Colorado, it’s time to think about winterizing your home to ensure that your home is warm and cozy throughout the unpredictable Colorado winter. The last thing anyone wants is to have a drafty home. Here are a few tips to help you winterize your windows and doors to keep the cold air out and the warm air where it belongs – in your home. 

Seal Your Windows to Keep the Cold Out

Have you ever sat by a window and felt an immediate chill? If so, it’s not uncommon, especially if you live in an older home. One of the most popular and relatively easy ways to seal up your windows is to use caulking around the outside of your windows. Simply use a putty knife or a screwdriver to dig out the old caulking. When your windows are clear of old caulking, and you’ve cleaned and dried the area, use new caulking to reseal the area. This should block any unwanted air flow. 

A few other ways include adding thicker, insulated curtains around your windows. You could also use window film on your windows for a good seal. 

Shut those Drafty Doors 

Caulking will also work on your doors. Another cure for drafty doors is to change out the weatherstripping. It’s a relatively easy solution, and you can find weatherstripping at any hardware store. In addition to weatherstripping, you can add a new door sweep to the bottom of your door. 

If you’re feeling a little drafty during the first few chilly months of the year, try these techniques to seal up your windows and doors. If you’re looking to find a new energy efficient windows or a new, unique style of door that will really keep the cold out, check out the hundreds of window and door options at Pella Windows and Doors and Sun Mountain. You can find them both at the Showroom at Coutura. Stop in for a free consultation.