An Incredible Spring Landscape Begins This Fall

Temperatures might still be topping out in the 70’s and 80’s, but if you look around at the colors, you know fall is here. In Colorado, you just never know when Mother Nature will decide to drop temperatures and sprinkle in a few snowflakes. So, now is the perfect time to take advantage of this beautiful weather and get your home ready for the winter months. 

5 Ways to Clean Up Your Landscape this Fall 

  1. Clean Out Those Gutters - If you have a lot of foliage, then you probably have a few leaves stuck in your gutters. 

  2. Plant New Shrubs - The cooler temperatures make it an excellent time to plant new trees and shrubs. Planting in the fall allows roots to establish before winter. A few new bushes will make for an exciting spring. 

  3. Prune Your Trees and Shrubs - Fall is the best time to prune leafy trees and overgrown evergreen and spruce trees. It will help prevent diseases and allow room for fresh new growth in the spring. 

  4. Add a Landscape Features - If you want to take advantage of the beautiful weather, try adding a landscape feature. Fall is the perfect time to add walkways, xeriscape or other features to help enhance your yard. 

  5. Lawncare - If you’re looking for that lush green lawn that your neighbors will envy next spring and summer, you better start this fall. Aerating your yard is a step that’s extremely important in the fall. As the heat of the summer has baked your grass, aerating will break up the soil to allow grass roots to spread. Overseeding your lawn will take care of any bare spots and helps your yard fight disease and weeds. You’ll also want to make sure that you add a good fertilizer to your grass. Fertilizing your lawn will give it valuable nutrients throughout the fall and winter and fight off any weeds. Take these steps along with a winter watering schedule if its dry for a lush green lawn next spring. 


When it comes to fall chores, yard work must be a high priority. Take advantage of the great weather, cool temperatures and clean up your yard. Hard work now will pay off next spring with a beautiful landscape.  Want more tips, visit C&C Sand and Stone Company for all of your landscape needs. Visit us at the showroom at Coutura today.