Get Your Entertainment System in Shape for The Season

Pre-season football is underway, and now it’s time for you to get your home theatre game ready for the season. Whether you enjoy the Saturday afternoon following your favorite college team or watching your favorite NFL team on Sunday, there’s nothing better than watching the game with friends and family. However, you don’t want to be huddled around a small TV trying to see the replays. Here are a few tips to help get your entertainment system ready for game day. 


Do Your Research 

Find the right system and set up for your room and lifestyle. Do you need the full-blown works, or does your room call for something smaller? It’s your call, talk to a pro to get the right equipment for what you need and your room. 

Set Your Couch and TV First 

Planning your room for optimal viewing depends on the size of your TV, set your couch and TV first. You want your furniture and your TV to be optimal viewing distance away from each other. Pick a TV appropriately sized for your room and needs. If you have a surround sound system, do not set your couch against a wall. 


Hear Every Hit

A complete game experience involves more than just a great picture. The sound and picture combined will complete your experience. However, before you invest thousands on the ultimate surround sound system, take stock of your room. Is it big enough to warrant the ultimate, mind-blowing, room-shaking surround sound system, then simply go with a high-quality soundbar. However, if the room is big enough for a surround sound system, then you’ll want to talk to a pro, to help make sure that you’re set up so that you and your party can get the full effect of the game. 

Keep it Clean 

If you’re hosting your game day party, you can’t have your guests staring out a rats nest of wires. Hiding your wires looks clean and can help you stay organized. Make sure that you label each one to avoid any confusion. 

Football is back and now is the time to get your entertainment system ready for the season. Visit the pros at HomeRun Electronics to get your entertainment in shape. Find them online or in the showroom at Coutura