7 Design Trends Designed to Impress

As fall blows in, it’s time to change the look of our homes. If you’re looking for a little design inspiration, here area few trends hitting homes. 


Keep the Kitchen Natural  

Natural wood is taking over kitchens everywhere. Natural wood will bring a more relaxed feel to the most popular, and, the busiest room in your home. 

Keep Your Cabinets Low

Along with a relaxing look, homeowners are looking at less in the kitchen as well. If you’re redesigning your kitchen, a hot trend this year is fewer cabinets on the wall. Homeowners are opting open walls with less clutter. Keep the cabinets and storage low for a cleaner looking kitchen where less is always more.

Home Offices

Working from home has never been easier. If you’re looking to cut down on the drive and work from the next room, try turning a corner of your home into your office. If you have space, turn that spare bedroom into your new office. 

Personalize Storage Options 

The days of big multi-media storage units are long gone. You don’t need a big rack or shelf for your DVDs thanks to digital streaming formats and on-demand watching. People are trading in large storage areas for smaller, more personal storage solutions. 

Humble Materials 

You’ll notice a lot of decor and furniture made from humbler materials. You’ll see more plywood, hemp and terra-cotta as you research new design trends. Add a natural piece into your home for the holidays, by turning down the flash, and thinking humbly. 

3-D Wall Coverings 

Want to add a wow factor to a room? Have a piece of art or your wall covering pop out at your guests. 3-D wall coverings are impressing homeowners and their guests throughout the world. 

Free Standing Bathroom Features

Freestanding sinks and tubs are a huge design trend this year. Smaller sinks that are free standing are great for half and quarter bathrooms. If you’re looking for a beautiful soaking tub, stand-alone tubs are the new relaxing style. 


Those are a few trends taking homes by storm this year. If you need help with your home decor, visit the showroom at Coutura