Top Five ROI Home Improvements 

Home improvement projects are some of the most significant resolutions for homeowners. Home improvements can bring a fresh new look to your home as well as add value. Before any project, you most likely weigh the pros and the cons, plan for a budget,  and determine if you’ll see a return on your investment. Here are a few projects that will get you the best ROI. 

Minor Kitchen Remodel - Cost Recouped 81.1%

We all know that the kitchen is the most popular room in your home. It’s the center of your home’s universe, and it needs to be at it’s best if you’re planning on selling your home. Rather than gutting your kitchen and going through the hassle, try a smaller remodel. It’s easier on the budget, and the ROI will be much higher than a complete remodel. Try repainting or replacing your cabinet doors. Update your appliances or redo your cabinets for starters. These small updates will make a huge difference in the look of your kitchen. 

Add Character with Stone Veneer - Cost Recouped 97.1 %

Want to spruce up the outside of your home? Replace your siding with stone veneer to make a beautiful new “wow” factor. It will impress everyone from the curb and have you feeling like you’re living in a newly updated home. Plus, when you get back 97 percent of your costs, you get looks and value. 

Garage Door Replacement - Cost Recouped 98.3% 

A new garage door will give you the best ROI of any project. It’s not the most exciting upgrade you’ll ever have, but when you think about it, your garage door is the face of your home. A new door will transform the exterior of your home. You’ll get almost all of your money back with a  new garage door. 

New Entry Door - Cost Recouped 91.3% 

A new steel door is not only functional, but it also looks good and brings an incredible ROI. Spruce up the look of your entry with a new door. Chances are your old door is drafty and allows heat to escape and cold air to get in – that alone is like throwing money literally out the door. A new entrance will save you instantly. 

Add a New Wood Deck  - Cost Recouped 82.8% 

Who doesn’t love a nice deck for entertaining? A new deck will bring your backyard to life this summer. A wood deck provides value for entertaining and will get you 82.8 percent of the cost back.

If you’re thinking about a new look for your home this year, think about one of these projects as you begin the planning and budgeting process. If you need help, the experts in the Coutura Showroom can help with all of your remodeling needs. Check it out here