’Tis The Season for Hail - Your Garage Door is a Bullseye

We live in Colorado, and the weather can be pretty unpredictable except for our summer hail storms, they always arrive in June and July. Like the recent storms, they can be brutal. Whether its quarter-sized, golf ball or bigger, hail can hurt your home - especially a garage door. 

Your Garage Door is a Bullseye

Seriously, your garage door can take a beating during a hail storm. It’s a huge target that can go unprotected and when the storm passes the damage won’t go unnoticed. The garage door experts at Overhead Door have felt the pain of hail since 1957. They understand the cost and the frustration that comes with Mother Nature’s fury. From years of experience, they have the tools, knowledge, and equipment to repair or replace your garage door. 

Overhead Service and Repair

If you’ve been affected by hail, we’re fully stocked with parts that will repair or replace your door on time. Overhead Door technicians are factory-trained, and that means you can have peace of mind knowing that the job will be done right and efficiently. On top of expert technicians, you can get quality service from many experts behind the scenes. Customer service professionals, dispatchers, warehouse staff, carpenters, and many others work to make your hail damage repair a positive experience. We know it’s a tough, frustrating time. We’ve been there, and we want to make your repair and replacement as comfortable as possible. 

Need More than a Repair? 

If Mother Nature beat your door beyond repair, we will help you choose a new door. We have hundreds of styles from a variety of collections.

Recent storms have hit and if you’ve been subject to hail. Call or go online to schedule your appointment today 719-596-2171.