Balance in Landscape: Pleasure meets Sustainability

Every homeowner takes pride in their home's landscape. In fact, among most homeowners throughout suburban America, there’s probably an unspoken competition of who has the best yard in the neighborhood. In Colorado, many people have struggled with keeping grass over the last few years as our climate continues to dry out. Many homeowners are finding new ways to keep water costs down, looks up, and their yards functional for their lifestyle. Here are a few ways you can accomplish these three key elements to create your ultimate backyard sanctuary. 

Cut Water Costs

Xeriscaping - is one of the many ways to cut water costs. It involves using plants and materials that are native to the dry Colorado climate or do not need water at all. Rocks, mulch, and limited areas of turf are ways to xeriscape your yard. 

Smart Sprinkler Controllers - If you love a beautiful yard full of grass, that’s great! We have to admit, there’s something special about a freshly mowed yard and then sitting and admiring the work. A programmable sprinkler controller is a way to go! There are many on the market that allow you to control your sprinklers from your phone. Install efficient sprinkler heads that don’t waste water and make sure that you have them aligned so that they hit your grass. Check with your local utility for rebates for an efficient sprinkler system. 

Make it Look Good 

Creating a cohesive landscape that looks incredible and fits our Colorado climate can be difficult. Using the right materials that fit your yard takes a lot of planning. Using natural landscape materials such as mulch, rocks, pavers, water features among others can enhance the natural look of your space and create an inviting, sustainable space for you to spend your time. 


Do you entertain? Do you have kids? What do you want your yard to look like? When planning your landscape, think about the functionality and how sustainable landscape materials can fit into your design. We’ve all heard the adage in construction, “measure twice, cut once,” the same goes for landscaping - extra planning goes a long way before you dig.  Do you want to incorporate a patio, paver path, or rock features? Will you have a garden with drip irrigation? It’s important to plan out the functionality before investing. 

As you plan for your spring landscape project, think about what’s going to be sustainable in the dry Colorado summer. Talk to the experts at C&C Sand and Stone; they’ll help you decide on the right landscape materials. With the right material, you’ll be able to cut down on water costs, keep your yard functional, and it will look good. Explore the many outdoor living options from Eldorado Outdoor from outdoor cooking areas to fire pits and fire bowls; you can create your outdoor living sanctuary with help from C&C Sand and Stone. Stop by the showroom at Coutura and talk to the C&C Sand and Stone experts. Visit them online here or call 719-577-9900 to set up a consultation.